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2020 Christmas Photographic Exhibition

The Christmas Photographic Competition for 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We are replacing it with a Christmas Exhibition of the 3 photos you would have submitted so please participate. There is no particular theme just a natural history photo taken this year. Please send your submissions to See below for the submissions so far


Submitted by Helen Dignum

Kingley Vale Yew trees - xmas 2020 Helen Dignum

Kingley Vale Yew Trees

Green winged Orchid Chidham - xmas 2020 Helen Dignum
Green Winged Orchid

Broad Bodied Chaser - East Ashling xmas 2020 Helen Dignum
Broad Bodied Chaser

Submitted by Philippa Arnott

Swan Family - Phillipa Arnott - Xmas 2020

   Swan Family

Bluebell Wood Phillips Arnott Xmas 2020
Bluebell Wood

Cowslips Phillipa Arnott Xmas 2020

Submitted by John Arnott

Common Darter 'obelisking' on a White Poplar Leaf John Arnott Xmas 2020

Common Darter 'obelisking' on a White Poplar leaf

Short Eared Owl - who are you looking at - John Arnott Xmas 2020
Short Eared Owl - who are you looking at?

Grey Seal -look at me I'm floating - John Arnott xmas 2020
Grey Seal - look at me, I'm floating

Submitted by Christian Hance

Essex Skipper - CHance Xmas 2020

Essex Skipper

Hawker - CHance Xmas 2020

Female Wheatear - Chance Xmas 2020
Female Wheatear

Submitted by Roger Smith

Short Eared Owl Roger Smith Xmas 2020Short Eared Owl

Bearded Tit - Roger Smith Xmas 2020
Bearded Tit
Adder - Roger Smith Xmas 2020

Submitted by John Kelsall

Grey Squirrel - John Kelsall Xmas 2020

Grey Squirell

Feral Pigeon - John Kelsall xmas 2020
Feral Pigeon

Beetle - John Kelsall Xmas 2020

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