Isles of Scilly Trip


The balance of this Holiday is due by 1st March, please send a cheque or phone and pay by card to Woods Travel (01243 868080) and quote 'Chichester Natural History Society - Isles of Scilly'.  Jo Jennings is the contact handling our reservations, and will help you with any queries you may have at this time.

On receipt of the confirmed Passenger List, I will be in touch and give you the date for our pre-holiday 'get-together' to go through the final Itinerary, travel arrangements and packing plan!  I can answer any questions  or queries you might have then.  I am suggesting that we have an informal get-together at my house near the date of departure when 2 members of the Society will be on hand to share with you some of their natural history experiences they have enjoyed over the years.  I will be asking for someone from the Group to keep the Blog updated during our stay and for someone to write an article for the next Newsletter. 

Denise Bowerman.

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From the Newsletter Editor

We seem to be having a very mixed winter, mild wet spells, followed by frosty spells followed by windy hail storms – but no snow to speak of so far. Has nature worked out it is still winter or will the next mild spell start everything going for Spring ? – first sign is usually frog spawn (mine appeared on 21 Feb) so have your phenology forms ready.

Thanks for our reporters for their contributions to the Newsletter. We always welcome articles on any natural history subject for the newsletter so if you have something please send it to me for publication. It does not have to be about an exotic location it could just be a wildlife event in your garden. All reports and articles should be sent to me at

Deadline for articles for Newsletter 191 is 18 May 2018

John Kelsall

Chichester, West Sussex

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