Speaker Meetings

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, at 7.15, Pallant Suite, South Pallant, Chichester PO19 1SY.
Please bring along a mug if you would like a tea or coffee during the interval. In order to decrease the risk of any COVID infection we suggest that members wear a mask.  


Wednesday 5 January 2022 - The Impact of Climate Change on UK Wildlife - ONLINE, on ZOOM

 Speaker: Dr Christian Hance, our chair, who has a longstanding interest in phenology and runs our annual phenology sightings survey.


Wednesday 2 February 2022 - Dr Ken Smith -
Bars and Spots - the varying fortunes of our Great Spotted and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers

Ken worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in what is now the Centre for Conservation Science for almost 30 years. Over that time, he worked on a wide range of species and habitats and contributed to many conservation initiatives. In the 1980s he completed his first RSPB project on woodland breeding birds—a national survey which was repeated in 2003/4. This was sufficient to kindle an enduring interest in woodlands and especially woodpeckers. In 2015, Ken and his wife, Linda, set up www.woodpecker-network.org.uk with the express purpose of promoting the study of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers and collecting important data on their nesting success.

To be held in person at the Pallant Suite, our usual venue.

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 - Andrew Gaunt - The risks to the environment from alien invasive pests and diseases
Andrew Gaunt, from Defra will speak on the risks to the environment from alien invasive pests and diseases, his role and the work of the government Plant Health Inspectorate in protecting agriculture, horticulture and the wider environment from such pests and diseases.
Examples of the species posing a risk and requiring control measures are:
Phytophthora species are fungus like plant pathogens. Phytophthora ramorum and P. kernoviae are exotic species that cause damage to trees, shrubs and other plants. Government policy on P. ramorum and P. kernoviae is to reduce the spread and impact of these pathogens in the wider environment.
The Citrus longhorn beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) is a serious invasive pest that is found in South East Asia, with outbreaks in Italy, Croatia and Turkey. It can infest a very wide range of broadleaved trees and would be a major threat to horticulture and the wider environment if they became established.
Andrew lives in Fishbourne and as a hobby grows and maintains the National Collection of Ornamental Gingers Hedychium species at his nursery near Birdham.

Please bring along a mug if you would like a tea or coffee during the interval. In order to decrease the risk of any COVID infection we suggest that members wear a mask.  

2022 01 Indoor lecture speaker

Wednesday 6th April 2022:  Discovery of a colony of Greater Horseshoe bats in West Sussex.  Martyn Phillis

A small but significant group of greater horseshoe bats has recently been discovered using a dilapidated building as a maternity roost. This is very exciting as it is the first known breeding population east of its current stronghold in southwest England.

The Vincent Wildlife Trust, Sussex Bat Group and others are working hard to safeguard this rare bat species by purchasing and restoring the roost site in West Sussex.  The speaker will be Martyn Phillis, a volunteer for the Sussex Bat Group and committee member of Horsham Natural History Society.

Find out more about the bat project, and how you can support it here: https://www.vwt.org.uk/news/sussex-bat-appeal-we-need-your-help/


Pub Meetings

 These are informal gatherings held once a month on a Wednesday at the Bull’s Head, Fishbourne, over the winter months from October to April.  A chance to meet fellow members, enjoy a lunch on a cold winter's day, and learn more about a subject, with a talk led by an experienced member of the society with specialist knowledge of the subject. 

The group meets for lunch at 12.30, and finishes about 2.30pm. 
These small meetings are limited to ten members who must pre-book and order their meal usually at the preceding lecture meeting.
Members pay for their meal at the bar on arrival.  Everyone will be served together at one sitting.
The Society charges £1 per person, payable on the day, to cover speaker expenses.

Wednesday 12th January 2022. Tide and times of Nutbourne Marshes.  Mick Evans.

Wednesday 9th February.  Dormouse Days. Rob and Maria Wildman

Wednesday 16th March. Farming and Conservation - Partners or Antagonists? Dominic Gardner, County Chair for the National Farmers Union. 
Dominic has been a Farmer for 20 years, was runner-up in the Silver Lapwing Awards (Waitrose farming and Conservation).  He is a BETA qualified conservation advisor and director of Arun to Adur cluster group and involved in the Dukes Curlews re-introduction program and the trials of working with the RPA.   

Wednesday 13th April. The Secret Lives of Moths. Tony Burnand.
Tony is a ChiNATs member. He has completed a countryside management course at Brinsbury College, and then joined Manwood Wildlife and Heritage Group to support water voles.  They also ran mothing sessions and Tony was hooked. He joined Sussex Moth Group last year and has already been involved in more than 70 moth recording sessions. He led our ChiNATS moth mornings last year.

Organiser: Dee Bowerman    d.bowerman@live.co.uk   01243 576981

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