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Wednesday 21 August 2019    Chichester Canal Evening walk

“It was a beautiful evening for a walk” it was agreed, as 18 members and friends gathered in the canal turn car park. Initially, we set off towards Chichester, watching out for all kinds of wildlife. The current management of the vegetation alongside the canal was noted and
appreciated, benefitting wildlife and still allowing frequent use of the path by the many walkers, cyclists, runners and scooter riders!
Amongst the plants were purple loosestrife, water mint, great willowherb, hemp agrimony, yarrow, branched bur-reed, marsh woundwort, pendulous sedge, hemlock water-dropwort,amphibious bistort, white dead-nettle and finally (after some checking in reference books)
skullcap, gypsywort and purple toadflax were identified.
Birds included moorhen, coot, swallow, martins and a party of long-tailed tits over some blackberry bushes. Also, mallard (plus accompanying teenagers), magpie, dunnock, blue tit, blackbird and a solitary sparrow hawk flying east to west.
The operation of the Society’s two different bat detectors had been explained and as dusk began to fall about 8.00pm we headed west, this time, towards Crosbie Bridge hoping to both see and record some of these fascinating creatures. We had been advised in advance
by Nik Knight (of the Hampshire Bat Group) who has been closely surveying the canal, as to which species to look out for. Common pipistrelle and Soprano pipistrelle were detected on all bat detectors and also spotted by eagle-eyed members. As it darkened further, the remaining members of the group were rewarded with the detection on the Society’s equipment of a Myotis species, probably Daubenton’s, and Nathusius pipistrelle.
Do remember to make contact with Linda and Ken Smith if you’d like to borrow any of the
equipment. The results are always fascinating.
Gill Hance

Bat Detector display

You are disturbing my sleep!

Lining up for bed

The group

Chichester, West Sussex

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