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Tuesday 24 September    Titchfield Haven

Oh, the vagaries of the British weather! A succession of fronts was forecast but six Chi Nats members bravely ignored that prediction and were rewarded with an entirely dry visit! Hurrah!
Led by Tony, we set off along the eastern side of the Reserve, calling first at Suffern Hide. A flotilla (or should that be a ‘cover’?) of coot were immediately noted, together with mallard, great crested grebe (including a ‘humbug’ youngster), little grebe and cormorant (including white fronted youngsters). A flock of lapwing went over, with teal mixed in, as we observed, for several minutes, a buzzard perched on a small tree on the far side of the water. Magpie and crow were seen and, as a finale, a very large flock of noisy canada geese passed spectacularly overhead.
We moved on to Meadow Hide, passing a fine patch of sulphur tuft fungi. To our list, were added, more cormorant, heron, peregrine (flying low from right to left) and yet more geese flew over, including a pure albino bird. Marsh harrier was one of our target sightings but no luck! Walking past a, now sunlit, hedgerow we saw speckled wood and common blue butterflies whilst cettis were clearly heard but not seen.
At Knights Bark Hide, further on, little egret, jay, stock dove and herring gull were soon written down, together with swallow passing through over the fields. As lunchtime beckoned, we returned to either the café or on to Mean Shore Hide (on the western side of the Reserve) for our picnics. On the way, we saw turnstone around the yachts as well as a lizard on a walkway and dragonflies too (a red-bodied chaser was one of those identified)  …… the conditions were definitely warming up.
With the ‘islands’ labelled (A, B, C …etc) members’ sightings from Mean Shore Hide could be easily verified, as a flock of starling and lapwing continually swirled about. These sightings were redshank, another heron, moorhen, green sandpiper, teal, and a ‘stand out’ white-faced canada goose in addition to an emperor dragonfly which patrolled in front of the hide.
At Pumfret Hide, in addition to black tailed godwit, greater egret and a second white-headed goose, two ‘puffed up’ ducks were spotted (I was informed that these were merely ‘in eclipse’…..such a lot to learn.) On our way to Spurgin Hide, a green woodpecker was heard and once we were seated, only wood pigeon and more mallard were noted in this quieter area, disturbed only by a young heron which took off from alongside the hide
With the increased warmth (honest!), as we retraced our steps to our vehicles we enjoyed the sight of peacock, red admiral, comma and speckled wood. Titchfield Haven is a special place. A visit comes highly recommended, whatever the weather forecast! Many thanks to Tony Wootton for his able leadership and to the group for their cheerful company.

Gill Hance                     

Fungus - Titchfield Sept 2019
Sulphur tuft Fungi

Jay - Titchfield Sept 2019


White goose - Titchfield sept 2019
White Goose
Select Group - Titchfield Sept 2019
The Select Group
Comma - Titchfield Sept 2019

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