Burton Mill Pond - Wednesday 20th October 2021

After a night of continuous heavy rain, and with the added challenge of a diverted main road owing to a damaged culvert from the latest storm, seven members met for a morning walk around the Burton Mill Pond reserve with its many different habitats.

The weather started off dull and showery, but improved with the odd moment of sunshine.  Birds however were not convinced, and stayed well hidden in most cases!  

Burton Mill Pond held a number of Tufted ducks, a Great crested grebe, Coots, and a Heron (replaced by a Little egret when we had a second look at the end of the walk).  A Grey wagtail appeared at the edge, and accompanied us for a little way up the path, taking advantage of overnight pools.  Blackbirds, Blue tits, Great tits, Robins, Jays, Rooks, Jackdaws and Crows were seen alongside the path and above, and Nuthatch heard.  The Sussex cattle undertaking conservation duties were busy munching to the right.  Past the magnificent veteran sweet chestnuts Christian photographed what was surely a raven, so top bird of the day!

At Chingford pond it was a bit busier, with Tufted and Great crested grebe accompanied by numbers of Little grebe and Pochard.  Cormorants were seen, Mute swans disappeared to the left, and there were large numbers of Coots.  On neither pond were any Mallards seen.

On the walk through the pine trees we heard the high-pitched call of Crests and a probable Coal tit.  A Pheasant was flushed beside the field, and Pied wagtails were seen on the barn roof.  Around the area of the Black Hole, Green woodpecker was heard and seen, and a possible but unenthusiastic Chiffchaff heard.  Red admiral and Small copper butterflies were taking in the momentary sun, and there were one or two late dragonflies.

It was a good chance to spot fungi, and several different types were enjoyed and photographed, including Parasol mushrooms in the fields by the chapel, and groups of puffballs.  Along the paths the pink berries of Spindle were admired.  

Not a huge list, but the emerging autumnal colours were appreciated, along with those special appearances of blue sky!

Diana Zeuner



Puffball, Burton Mill Pond Oct 2021
An elderly Puffball

Raven, Burton Mill Pond Oct 2021

Spindle berries, Burton Mill Pond Oct 2021
Spindle berries
Conservation grazing Oct 2021
A Sussex cow, conservation grazing
Burton Mill Pond Oct 2021

  Bird watching at Burton Mill Pond 

Chichester, West Sussex

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