Early June - Wildlife Gardening

On June 3rd, thankfully a sunny day, Members enjoyed Bonita’s garden with its delightful and wildlife-friendly array of native and ‘garden’ plants, as well as some delicious refreshments!

On June 10th, it poured with rain, not so conducive for garden visiting, although it was wonderful to have pointed out, the brimstone caterpillars on the alder buckthorn planted at 389, Chichester Road (see the Society’s blog). Have members checked their buckthorns, recently sourced from Mary Iden?

And it was Mary, on another damp day, June 13th, who led a hardy group (including members of the Chichester Eco Group) around Oaklands Park and nearby areas where she has been striving to establish hedges and native wildflowers, truly inspirational. A visit, right now, to see what has been developed on the north side of the New Park Centre is thoroughly recommended.

Thank you to all hosts, for their hospitality and enthusiasm, and to all attendees for their perseverance against the elements.

Gill Hance

Wildlife gardens - brimstone caterpillar on alder buckthorn
 Brimstone caterpillar on buckthorn

Wildlife gardens - Northgate car park
Northgate car park verge
Wildlife gardens - New Park Centre
New Park Centre bed


Chichester, West Sussex

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