Field Reports

Wednesday 10 January 2018    Chichester Lakes

Leader  Jim Bagley
Sunshine and windless conditions rewarded twenty-four naturalists meeting for our first field trip of 2018. Despite living near Chichester I had never found my way to Chichester Lakes before, but they were well worth the visit with plenty to see, easy access and plenty of parking. 
Jim Bagley led us up the lane from the North Mundham car park to the lakes. Walking along the lane we saw blue tit, great tit, wood pigeon, crows, goldfinch, a robin, a wren, heard then saw a song thrush. Those at the front had good but brief views of a firecrest flitting through a garden. We also saw chaffinch, starling, blackbird. A highlight was a sparrowhawk perched low in an oak tree. It stayed motionless for several minutes so we could all get a good view.
We made our way through to the Lakes where the paths were not too muddy, despite recent rain. The banks had been cleared of scrub along the first section giving us good clear views of the water.  First sightings were moorhen, coot and Canada geese. On the next lake we saw a couple of cormorants perching on posts, mute swan, little egret, mallard, many greylag geese and occasional Brent geese. The chestnut cheek patches of the great crested grebes were resplendent in the sunshine.  Good numbers of tufted duck were seen while a pair of pochard ducks were diving. A great spotted woodpecker and later a jay flew overhead. A pair of long-tailed tits flew along the path.  Next sightings were gadwall duck, black swan, herring gull, black-headed gull, dunnock and magpie. A heron posed in a gap in the hedge.  The more expert also saw a bar-headed goose, greenfinch and shoveller duck.  A green woodpecker was seen feeding in the field. Still in sunshine we returned to the car-park, with a final sighting of more goldcrest and a female bullfinch in the lane.  The total species count was forty-one.
Thanks to Jim Bagley for expertly leading an excellent walk with good company.

Helen Dignum

I tried to hide away!



      Maybe next time??

   Mostly greylags

Chichester, West Sussex

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