Legacy Project - Tree Planting in Chichester

Over the past year, we have been working with Justin Jones, Green Spaces Lead Manager, Chichester District Council about providing and planting a number of trees in Jubilee Park and are happy to report that this project has now been completed.
After careful consideration, the selection made was based on notable trees that will provide blossom, autumn colour and historic interest to Jubilee Park Five trees were selected after discussion with our own Brian Hopkins and were purchased with our legacy money from a nursery in Cambridge
The selection was :-
2 x Flowering Cherry
1 x Golden Maple  'Princeton Gold'
1 x Cedar of Lebanon
1 x Forest Pansy  (Judas Tree)
On a cloudy damp morning on December 6th Justin and his gang of seven planted the five mature trees attended by some members of the Society. Timed for a 9:30 start all the trees were in the ground by 10:00. One was “officially” planted by Brian Hopkins (sorry, no silver spade) followed by a perambulation of all five before the heavy gang completed the backfilling and staking as required.
These trees should provide a part of Jubilee Park for many years to come and join the other grand old trees planted at the time of Queen Victoria's Jubilee.
John Kelsall


Official planting chichester 2018
The official planting by Brian Hopkins
The diggers chichester 2018
Digging the hole for the maple
Cedar planting chichester December 2018
Erecting the Cedar of Lebanon
Tree planting Chichester December 2018
All our own work!!! But forgot to remove the plastic !

Legacy Project - Tree Planting at Northwood

Heather Solomon was a member of our society for well over 40 years and kindly left us a legacy of £1000 in her Will.   After much discussion within committee it was decided to work closely with the National Trust, Slindon Estate, to help re-plant 180 acres of ground, once known as Northwood, which was clear felled at the beginning of the Second World War.   The £1000 will sponsor the purchase
of ten standard trees (12 / 15ft high) and also fifty 120cm whips.   These trees will be planted in an area which will eventually become grazed parkland.
Part of the appeal of this project was that members of Chichester Natural History Society could become actively involved in not only planting the trees but building the somewhat elaborate tree guards under the expert guidance of Gabby Crisp, the Head N.T. Warden for the Rise of Northwood.   This is the largest tree planting project ever undertaken by the National Trust.
Tree planting (Day 1) : Thirteen hardy souls braved a day of cold winds and constant light rain and eight of us managed to complete the planting of four trees - Whitebeam, Green beech, Field Maple and Oak, plus planting of all the whips while the rest of the group were re-sleeving and staking whips that had been planted last Autumn.  Gabby supplied a gazebo, hot drinks and lots of biscuits which we all enjoyed at lunch time.
Tree planting (Day 2) dawned bright with a gentle breeze.  Six enthusiasts arrived and enjoyed themselves completing the planting of three more trees No need for the gazebo this time!  but we must thank Gabby for hot drinks and the delicious cake which she had personally made for us.
I feel sure that all involved in the first two days thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the rain on the first day made the second day all the more perfect.
Tree planting (Day 3) was yet another contrasting weather day as we had a good old fashioned drizzle to work in !  Undeterred 12 members of the society set to work to plant the remaining 3 standard trees. It was great fun putting these trees in, knowing that in 10-20 years time they will start to form some majestic components of the landscape. Many thanks to Gabby for the hot drinks and David Hart for organising the event. 

David Hart - hartdavid84@gmail.com  01243 814497

Day 1 - Tea break time

Day 1 - Attaching the sposorship label

Day 1 - We needed the gazebo

Day 2 - All our own work! Day 3 - Happy tree planters enjoying a break
Day 3 - Enjoying a well earned break

Day 2 - Note sunshine and no gazebo
Making the gate
Day 3 - Preparing the gate
Day 3 - Shovelling the soil !

Chichester, West Sussex

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