Friday 16th June 2017 - SECOND MEDMERRY SURVEY OF 2017 - BOTANY 2

Only six members of Chi Nats met for the second of the Medmerry Botanical Surveys. Unfortunately, we had no grasses expert in our group but we tried our best to identify some of the grasses using the records of the previous week as well as reference books.
The weather was great, slightly sunny and not too windy. Throwing the quadrats was fun. It was a bit disappointing when one landed on a square with little variety and we had to avoid the temptation to aim at specific plants. We did four sets of quadrat recordings which hopefully will go some way to completing the botanical records for this year.
There were no real surprises but it was interesting to note how species which were frequent in one part of our survey area seemed to become less frequent as we moved along, an example being perennial rye grass.
The plot as whole is still dominated by the purple of the tufted vetch and the ox eye daises but it was pleasing  to find other rarer plants emerging in the thicket of grass stems.
We also noted several meadow brown butterflies, many azure damselflies, a few 6 spot burnet moths and a chrysalis, many grasshoppers, and a female black tailed skimmer dragonfly.
Stephanie Cahn 

Chichester, West Sussex

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