Legacy project - Bats

Acknowledgement and thanks to Nik Knight for the banner photograph of roosting long-eared bats

Bat monitoring in and around Chichester using automatic recording stations

Using some of the legacy funds, we have purchased an automatic bat detector station. In the last few years these have revolutionised the way bats can be detected and recorded and have been used successfully to monitor bats in Norfolk and other counties. The equipment comprises microphone sensitive to bat ultrasound, a triggering system to detect and store the sounds on a memory card and a set of software to analyse the calls and assign them to species. The detector station is left out unattended overnight, collected the next morning and the data transferred to a computer and analysed to reveal which bat species were detected. We plan to place the bat detector overnight at as many suitable locations as possible in the Chichester area. This will give an insight into the species present in the area and their distribution. We are seeking volunteers to ‘host’ the detector for a couple of nights in as many different locations as possible over the spring and summer. If successful we may purchase a second detector.

Project co-ordinators - Ken and Linda Smith

Chichester, West Sussex

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