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Acknowledgement and thanks to Nik Knight for the banner photograph of roosting long-eared bats

Monitoring bats in and around Chichester using an automatic recording station

Our bat monitoring project is up and running and we are looking for more volunteers to host the bat detector in their garden or other suitable location, for a couple of nights from now until the autumn.
All the equipment has been assembled and we have recorded bats overnight at five locations in Chichester, East Wittering, Chidham, Middleton-on-Sea and Bognor already. We are excited by the first results with many more bats species detected than we had imagined. Not only the pipistrelles but other more interesting species, such as Brown Long-eared bat too. One location had at least seven different species, although some of these must be confirmed by experts.
The equipment is very simple to operate, all you do is put it in your garden. It comprises microphone sensitive to bat ultrasound, which is mounted on a 4-metre plastic pole and connected to the detector box on the ground. As the bats fly over their sounds are recorded and stored on a memory card. The detector station is left out unattended overnight, collected the next morning and the data transferred to Ken Smith’s computer for analysis by specialist software to reveal which bat species were detected.
We plan to place the bat detector overnight at as many suitable locations as possible in Chichester and surrounding area. This will give an insight into the species present in the area and their distribution.
Many of you have already said you want to be involved but we need more. If you can host the bat detector in your garden or other location, please get in touch with Ken and Linda Smith by email kenandlindasmith@gmail.com or phone 01243 786079.
Have a look at the current bookings and dates available on Ken and Linda’s website


Project co-ordinators - Ken and Linda Smith

Chichester, West Sussex

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