Legacy projects - Swifts

This project is aimed at encouraging swifts by monitoring their activities and erecting swift boxes in the appropiate place to enable more breeding pairs.

We have made an initial purchase of 8 swift boxes ready for installing after the breeding season

We have completed several surveys of the Chichester City but it has proved difficult to ascertain where the swifts are nesting although there are plenty of swifts flying around. So we have reverted to Articles in the Chichester Observor and "word of mouth" to spread the word that we have available boxes for anyone in the area that wants one. This has already resulted in 2 pairs of boxes being installed (in Bosham and Lavant) and orders have come in for at least 3 more pairs. Richard Kennedy of Team Endeavour UK Ltd (many thanks, Richard) has agreed to install at no cost. As we were installing at Lavant swifts were going in and out about 2 metres away so very hopeful of those. More boxes have now been ordered.

John Kelsall


Chichester, West Sussex

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