Friday 4th August 2017 - Fourth Medmerry Survey of 2017 - Orthoptera

A very keen bunch of 16 CNHS members met to carry out the grasshopper survey.   Sweep nets and pots having been distributed they spread out over the survey site and were soon bringing in their catches to identify and be counted.   Although it was still very windy the sun was out and it was dry.   It soon became evident that Meadow Grasshoppers predominated – or was it that they were not averse to being caught?   When the bat detectors were employed a large number of Long-winged Coneheads were heard, some Meadow Grasshoppers and 1 Roesel’s Bush-cricket.   These were not included in the count.

It was noted that the same 5 species as last year were recorded, though in different numbers:   Meadow Grasshopper (87+), Long-winged Conehead (10), Lesser Marsh Grasshopper (13), Roesel’s Bush-cricket (4) and Field Grasshopper (1).

While hunting for grasshoppers at least 6 beautiful Wasp Spiders were seen and several Blue Damselflies.   Yellowhammers were singing as usual and one or two Swallows were spotted.

Philippa Arnott

Female Roesel's bush-cricket - John Arnott has pointed out that this is in fact the fully winged form called f. diluta which is able to fly.

       Female Lesser Marsh grasshopper

        Female Long-winged cone-head

       Female Wasp spider

Chichester, West Sussex

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