Legacy Projects - Equipment

One of the projects for 2019 is the purchase of surveying and recording equipment for use by members either in their own properties or on any field outings with CNHS or with other Wildlife groups.
The equipment is

a)      Laser range finder for establishing the height of trees
Motion activated Camera trap for recording mammals and other wildlife in gardens
c)    Immediate bat detector and identifier to complement the bat recording project. This will comprise a "gizmo" attached to a tablet computer complete with bat identification software.


Laser range finder for establishing the height of trees.

Old rangefinder for measuring height of trees

The current equipment involves this cumbersome piece of kit and only provides the angle to the top of the tree. The distance to the tree has to be measured by tape through the undergrowth.
Then the height has to be calculated by hand using geometry

This new kit enables the measurement of both distance and angle and with a touch of a button provided the height.

The laser range finder was purchased  in December 2018. ChiNATS member Brian Hopkins has used it to measure trees and also the heights of the city walls in the Bishops Palace Gardens.The West Dean Botany Group is about to embark on its annual tree survey this autumn, when the range finder will be used to measure the heights of the mature trees amongst the tracks and coppiced areas of West Dean Nature Reserve. Autumn measurement allows for the full summer’s tree growth to be included.                                                                                                  

New rangefinder

Camera trap

Camera trap – has been purchased and several members have used it in their gardens overnight. So far we have the odd fox, lots of cats and pigeons but the highlights were pairs of hedgehogs in the Arnott garden

This equipment is now available to members in order to ascertain what wildlife they have in their gardens. The procedure is that members have the equipment for a few nights and then return the kit. John Kelsall is the coordinator so if you want to participate please contact John on 01243 788092 or jjkelsall70@gmail.com

Chichester, West Sussex

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